Important Tips on DIY Logos


As a matter of fact, a good logo will play an important part in your business. Since the logo is at the center of your branding, it should tell the personality of your business in order to create a memorable impression. For your website especially, a logo will create a memorable impression on your homepage. Some people often think that you have to spend so much money in order to hire a professional to create a log of your business. However, things have changed since you can create your own logo.

The advancement in technology has made things easier since you can create your business logo with the many resources available online. When creating your business logo on your own, you have to be a professional but you will eventually become one when you create a couple of logos and keep perfecting your skills. The online resources provide various elements that include both visual and geometrical element such as squares, arrows, banners and many others.

There also steps to follow for you DIY logos on this online resources. For instance, you may begin by selecting a shape that is a good fit for your business. This helps to create a foundation for the design. You will then need to customize your selected shape by playing around with effects, colors, and size. You can then type the name of the business, but choose a font that cool and ensure the name sits nicely within the shape. This will have given you a good logo. With more practice, you will be able to perfect your skills. At the same time, you can make your homepage memorable for all who visit your website.

There are, however, some important tip when creating the DIY logos.

A. Avoid too many colors.

After creating your logo, you need to test whether you have used too many colors. You can do this by converting it into a black and see whether the logo still work. If it doesn’t, then the color will be too many. If it does, then you colors are a good. Also, a black and white test ensures that your logo design is simple so visit website.

B. Do not use the wrong format.

When creating your logo, use a vector file. As a result, you can scale the logo to become very large or very small without losing its clarity. You can test a vector file by enlarging it as big as possible. If it remains the same, then you are good.

With the online resource to help you create a DIY logo, you don’t have to spend so much more for a logo that makes your homepage memorable.

Please head over to for other relevant information.


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